In Accordance With Prophecy

More deep mine adventures


Second session in the closed off mine shaft/underground temple. last session focused on fighting chicken people, also examples of why you don’t break off of the group.

That theme continued into this session as Garrett was savagely beaten on two new occasions for breaking off. One of which included a need to make a spear of necro healing on behalf of cogsworth.

after pushing deep into the grimlock caves we got into their sleeping area, got the drop on them and killed most with a well placed cone of flame and surprise followups. Two surrendered and were spared. We found they were followers of serial killer god. We also dealt with a drug addict Grimlock who donated a nice mithryl chain shirt to our cause.

the last tunel we went down was the big baddy room. We fought a godling who paralyzed me which allowed a grimlock to crit and shut me down. Hayden got a skeleton owlbear who tore the room up out into play while nate came up with some fancy spell combos to fix me up.

In the end the godling went invis, the owblear ran around until he bounced off of him and i got in to finish the job.

During our one sleep session we heard heavy movement in the main room and the elevator used.

One tunnel remains.



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