In Accordance With Prophecy

They are so tall....


After floating for rivers on a barge filled with all of our shit we took off those who tried to kill us we come to the city of towers. I still don’t feel right about being in this city. They are like trees with no leaves suspended on magic.

I said goodbye to Diamond Lake by eliminating a corrupt man who was protecting evil people bent on… I don’t even know what. Seems we do more killing than asking good questions. Odd that we work for a Master Inqisitor.

What am I saying – I just learned what that is. And now work for one. I think I am looking forward to that though. A challenge of my skills. Help me learn new things. And he said I’d get paid well. Which, I am going to have to find a way to squirrel some of it away. I wonder if there are people I can pay to do that…

So now, we sit here in Morgrave waiting for assignment. I think I am going go go hunt a Gargoyle…

More deep mine adventures


Second session in the closed off mine shaft/underground temple. last session focused on fighting chicken people, also examples of why you don’t break off of the group.

That theme continued into this session as Garrett was savagely beaten on two new occasions for breaking off. One of which included a need to make a spear of necro healing on behalf of cogsworth.

after pushing deep into the grimlock caves we got into their sleeping area, got the drop on them and killed most with a well placed cone of flame and surprise followups. Two surrendered and were spared. We found they were followers of serial killer god. We also dealt with a drug addict Grimlock who donated a nice mithryl chain shirt to our cause.

the last tunel we went down was the big baddy room. We fought a godling who paralyzed me which allowed a grimlock to crit and shut me down. Hayden got a skeleton owlbear who tore the room up out into play while nate came up with some fancy spell combos to fix me up.

In the end the godling went invis, the owblear ran around until he bounced off of him and i got in to finish the job.

During our one sleep session we heard heavy movement in the main room and the elevator used.

One tunnel remains.

So I tossed my lot in with these guys
This is why I don't gamble

I never was very silvered when it came to making snap judgements but whatever.

I ran across a seemingly starving guy in the woods, and he paid me to go hunting for him all day. Ok I thought – some good coin for some food. I do well I could leave him with almost two weeks worth of meat if he knows how to smoke or dry it right. And you know – I had a great day of it. Rabbits, a deer… could have gone fishing if I really wanted to. Easy easy coin.

What happens? I get tracked down by him and his “friends” who all look like death except for the machine who barks orders. I’m still on “retainer” or whatever so I tag along cause I know the area, and now they have a guide.

Later the man I got hired buy got into a fight with the woman-mage of the group. Something about her being half a wizard – and she looked ready to blow his ass up and then was beaten into unconsciousness by the machine-man and the “cleric” they had. I pretty much decided to stay out of it. The people were all doomed from Ghoul Fever anyway – and that’s before I got there or they tried to kill themselves.

We hit up the farmhouse… And the first thing the machine does is walk right into the building – and asks me if I can fight. So he decides we’re going in first to kill off the beast inside. Not more than in the last week I had helped try to defend this creature and bam – I’m second in line to kill it.

Atleast it was merciful, mostly. The machine all but killed it in one strike and I delivered the pacifying blow. Behind it was one of the remaining children of the creature. Score one for Garret – Killer of Mothers – Natures Avenger…

Finally after trying multiple times to point out to the machine his people will die – then try to kill us all, he decides that after skinning and harvesting the Owl Bear for parts….I am to run for help.

I run – I get into an encounter with someone I am going to enjoy embarrassing in the future, talk to the head of the grove – run back fully believing that these people I am now with are completely fucked. I get there – I tell people they are fucked they look ready to kill me, and THEN the leader shows up – forces us all to do something they were going to do anyway, they agree – he keeps talking (one thing I am not going to miss) they agree, and he still keeps talking then he takes the owlbear cub and leaves.

I sleep – some of them leave, come back a few days later – then they have me go into town with the guy who hired me and we sell a bunch of their shit off – nice stuff too. We get a marker for some money – some weapons, some rations, and now here we sit.

The town guard is the assholes I tried to stop from slaughtering the rest of the owlbears, the group of people I am with are wanted for killing the last set of guards from the town, I am tossed out of my grove – to the point of death upon my return (if I ever do it again, again), and we are charged with doing exactly what they were planning by my grove who can’t have a hand in it, and since I am with and exiled – I have to do this to prove myself to them AND AND if we fail I get to get wrote off as another failure…

Down on the farm

from the caryn the group decided to send out ernest to scout. He encountered a druid woodsman whom he hired to do some hunting to bring fresh food into the group.

the party decided to gather up the bone chips of the little bitch ass ghost and head up his family farm to bury him. Luke’s pc, the druid informed us that our destination was plauged by both owlbears and bandits. When we arrived at the grave site of his family we found signs of a scuffle and freshly dug empty graves with tracks going back to diamond lake.

During the grave scene the druid kept complaining the party looked sick, the party kept complaining they were hungry going so far as to eat raw meat, and Crow complained that eating and sleeping were slowing them down too much. Ernest rightly called Lizz half a wizard who in turn tried to zap his dumb ass with a magic missile while he had a con of 7. Ernest threw his knife at her like a nub, then i hit her with some massive subdual damage before hayden hit her in the head with his mace knocking her the fuck out. Liz then spent the next few scenes tied up.

getting up to the dilapidated farm house we heard the sounds of wounded animals inside. cutting liz free and informing her and the rest of the party that any mutiny will be met with a quick death we pushed in to find a slaugherhouse of dead human body parts and a big wounded owl bear which was the winner of a fat ass critical shot, and then got finished off by the next attack. behind it was a baby owl bear.

at that point the group split up. luke went off to go back to his old tribe to get someone to cure the ghoul diseas and myself and someone else went back to our camp to see what victor had sent to us. Luke got told to gtfo and don’t come back, and we found that victor left us some invis pots and a note saying we were to be in diamond lake so we could be extracted two days ago.

we all met back up, an elder from luke’s circle followed us and cured the ghoul sickness with the agreement we would kill a necromancer who we suspect had teh necro book we needed anyways. We then pooled up all of our gear and sent ernest with a new persona and luke back into diamond lake to sell so we could supply up finally. we called game with them coming back with the gear, and plans to go west of diamond lake to attack the necromancer.

the tomb of inconvenience
leave the puzzles to tombraider

Returning to the tomb once more, we found that some of the vegetation outside the entrance had been cut away tipping us off we weren’t alone. the group began a close inspection of the rest of the chamber with Nate’s artificer in tow. We discovered another alcove similar to the wind tunnel however this one produced water.

While exploring the not super fun puzzle we were joined by a blonde elf who had been hiding behind the main sarcophagus which she bumped by accident (showing us it actually spins around) and then ran away before we fucked her up. It turned out that it spun around like a clock and depending on which alcove it faced a different effect would happen from raising elevators to summoning elemental to attack us.

One of the mechanical elevators broke and collapsed, inviting a swarm of beatles out to attack us. We decided to follow the hole left int he floor down and found a chamber that had been over run by beetle swarms and soem other insects. We cleared what appeared to be a baraks area and a food pantry destroying a sleepy statue in the process.

Several Morgrave university adventuring/research party members were found dead in this area. Lizz knows they might also be political spies but didn’t share that info with the group.

Going down the hall we found a bathing area and were greeted by a water elemental that caught a nasty beat down, and then a Ghast which swamp ass mistook for a ghoul.

The Ghast had a merry time fucking the entire group up, but little did he know i was in the mood to beat the shit out of some undead so and promptly treated him to some surprise sex.

We called game off at the death of the ghast.

Also Swamp ass acted like a real shit and defiled the fuck out of everything when he thought we weren’t looking.

Exit Stage Left
Maybe we won't cause a revolution afterall.

Having stashed the bodies of the bitch ass guards (BAGs) and been escorted out of the city by the changeling in Sheriff form, left Diamond Lake to speak with the wizard at the cottage. We further consulted with him regarding the book, which is named something that sounds like necronomicon.

It has a bunch of nasty rituals to raise the dead and was used by Karnath to fuel it’s undead war machine. Book is very valuable and dangerous. We did not tell the sage that we just party wiped the BAGs. Our plan was to go back to the goblin Carne and see if the emerlad claw had come back and if so kill them and remove the threat then return to the sage and address the matter of the town.

We went and checked the caves back out, that sound blast trap had its way with us and in the end we found that the claw had been back and cleaned house, grabbed their dead and split. When we came back out out of the cave a message from the sage was waiting for us that said his brother was very mad about what we did and the Garrison was hunting us. He told us if we were guilty to go wait up at a haunted mine.

We trekked up there, and once we arrived had a new note saying the sage was going to contact Victor to try and get us out of there. In the meantime we decided to check the local “haunted carne” which had driven all the miners away from the abandoned mine near by.

The haunted carne turned out to be the tomb of some large race i can’t remember and they were BFF with some air elementals. After some wolves had their way with Ernest we cleared the place out and got into the tomb. We found a hidden passage off an alcove which Ernest went to go check out. Some trap triggered on him and had its way with him and almost killed him for the second time that day.

We left off in the main puzzle room around the tomb.

When hick town watch crosses paths with DEATH.

After several days of poking the hornets nest, Sheriff Fat Bitch and his band of scrubs called the noble adventurers in for questioning regarding their heroic assult on the emerald claw. Little did the late sheriff or his lackeys know that the majority of the group was neutral and not in the mood for their bullshit.

The fireworks began when local myth “Gentleman Jack” assaulted a prisoner convey en route to torture/interrogation. Within minutes the city budget was adjusted to reflect the 9 payroll burdens which were alleviated at the cost of no adventurer life.

Prison rape goes both ways lawman!

There's A New Sheriff In Town

“I heard tell that there was a big scuffle at the Jail yesterday around noon. The bell was ringing, I heard shouts and Chezabet said she saw gouts of flame erupting around the Jail. No, Klint wasn’t involved, I’m telling you it was some group of killers from Sharn!


Experience Earned
Cogsworth – 1,290 XP (2,350 XP)
Crowbar – 1,440 XP (3,540 XP) LEVEL!
Dox – 1,440 XP (2,600 XP)
Raina – 1,290 XP (2,290 XP)
Vast’ar – 1,440 XP (2,540 XP)

The Sage of the Cairn Hills

Deputy Jamis, to Sheriff Cubbin:

“I saw me some new faces coming in from the afternoon barge from Sharn today. Real pieces of work. They didn’t cotton to any of our usual fees, and walked around the fucking lake rather than pay silver for an easy ride. One of ‘em is a warforged, full of that adamantine. The gnome looks like he’s got a bit of coin on him, and that Cyran girl looked to be a piece of work. The halfling and the fat one seemed pretty quiet, although I heard the halfling say he didn’t like him no Flamists.”

“Branden said they went off into the hills yesterday after talkin’ to Allustan. Also said the warforged put some sort of hoodoo on him with those soulless eyes. I’m thinkin’ they may be trouble.”


Experience Earned
Cogsworth – 600 XP (1,060 XP) LEVEL!
Crowbar – 600 XP (2,100 XP)
Dox – 600 XP (1,160 XP) LEVEL!
Raina – 600 XP (1,000 XP) LEVEL!
Vast’ar – 600 XP (1,100 XP) LEVEL!

The Game is Afoot!

Victor congratulates his latest assistants:

“Excellent work, all! Your assistance in capturing the leaders of the Green Dagger Gang has done wonders towards helping me solve this case. Bringing in both Cyrathis and his twin lovelies have given me insight into quite a few previously unrelated problems I had been aware of.”

“Next stop, Diamond Lake!”


Experience Earned
Crowbar – 300 XP (1,500 XP)
Dox – 460 XP (560 XP)
Cogsworth – 460 XP (460 XP)
Raina – 400 XP (400 XP)
Vast’ar – 400 XP (500 XP)


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