In Accordance With Prophecy

More deep mine adventures


Second session in the closed off mine shaft/underground temple. last session focused on fighting chicken people, also examples of why you don’t break off of the group.

That theme continued into this session as Garrett was savagely beaten on two new occasions for breaking off. One of which included a need to make a spear of necro healing on behalf of cogsworth.

after pushing deep into the grimlock caves we got into their sleeping area, got the drop on them and killed most with a well placed cone of flame and surprise followups. Two surrendered and were spared. We found they were followers of serial killer god. We also dealt with a drug addict Grimlock who donated a nice mithryl chain shirt to our cause.

the last tunel we went down was the big baddy room. We fought a godling who paralyzed me which allowed a grimlock to crit and shut me down. Hayden got a skeleton owlbear who tore the room up out into play while nate came up with some fancy spell combos to fix me up.

In the end the godling went invis, the owblear ran around until he bounced off of him and i got in to finish the job.

During our one sleep session we heard heavy movement in the main room and the elevator used.

One tunnel remains.

They are so tall....


After floating for rivers on a barge filled with all of our shit we took off those who tried to kill us we come to the city of towers. I still don’t feel right about being in this city. They are like trees with no leaves suspended on magic.

I said goodbye to Diamond Lake by eliminating a corrupt man who was protecting evil people bent on… I don’t even know what. Seems we do more killing than asking good questions. Odd that we work for a Master Inqisitor.

What am I saying – I just learned what that is. And now work for one. I think I am looking forward to that though. A challenge of my skills. Help me learn new things. And he said I’d get paid well. Which, I am going to have to find a way to squirrel some of it away. I wonder if there are people I can pay to do that…

So now, we sit here in Morgrave waiting for assignment. I think I am going go go hunt a Gargoyle…

Over the River and Through the Woods...
Be very very quiet - were hunting Lizardfolk...

You ever get drug out to a place that you’ve never been before? That seems to happen to me all the time now.

A couple weeks ago, I was fighting people on a lightning rail thing – which was AWESOME, painful tiger thing kicked my ass pretty good, but I just have a tendency to live through those things.

So we leave Sharn, and walk north-ish to these swamp lands. Beautiful country. And then at this little rest top on the way to the Fort we are going to, we meet up with the sage from Diamond Lake. I really don’t say much as I am just interested in catching some food, and getting some sleep. They move so slow I can track around them and keep pace. Weird..

We again travel all day, and as it’s growing darker, and we are getting closer we see this huge column of smoke rising from the direction of the fort – trouble.

So the Sage uses his wand and makes some horses for other people, and we take off running in that direction. There we see many lizard folk attacking the fort, and killing the guards. So we run in to rescue them. First me and Raina kill their shaman as soon as he appears. Then this snake thing, an Crow and Vas (mostly Crow) rip apart the remaining lizard folk and we keep moving towards the keep. We get there, clear out the remaining invaders in time to barely save the remaining like… 11 soldiers. The sage tossed out a couple of spells. Useful too. Then went for reinforcements while we prepare to go try to rescue his friend and the other captured soldiers.

Here’s hoping it all works out…

An Elf, Anyone?
Let's try this again...

Me and this small crew have to go recover something Karnath and in the middle of everything, one of my teammates turns on us. She killed the first guy, and then tried to come for me. We were… close. Something I had to use to my advantage as she hesitated with me, and unfortunately for her I like living.

So I was stuck in Karnath. I signed up for service at Fort Bone, helped make a name for myself in running a couple sorties, and some other basic missions. Picked up some new tricks, and after I was done stuck around Karnath.

About a year or so later I go sit at the adventurures guild and meet up with this crew, and I know my way around traps, and how to get some dark contacts – so I set them up with all they need, get the contract for this dragon shard – and we go about our business

A standard party is much different from highly trained soldiers.

They were retarded – I cover for them, they rush into the cave, and set off trap after trap without me even getting a chance to look at them cause they got spooked by the huge lizard.

We get to this Manticore spirit that spooks their mage in deeper who sets off this lighting bolt trap and kills everything in the room except me cause I know how to get out of the way of that dumb shit.

I still have my hat on my head – I figured I’d just wait for the halflings to come in, blend, get what I need then with greater numbers, and leave in the quiet dead of night.

Then you guys showed up.

Into the Mists

Jumping out of a tree at humans and a troll – not the brightest idea. Still – managed to come out a head and get the things needed off of my former party. Poor bastards. The dead don’t need tools.

For that matter – neither does the living. Silly troll – take the hat. Poor troll. I wonder where he disappeared to.

I found us work – and instead of going ruins diving in the desert to the south – we aim for the Mournlands, and decide to go save some Silver Flameists. Take the lightning rail north then west and then through the fog and to the most heinous place I have ever visited. The rail is moved in various directions – the whole city is completely rearranged and destroyed.

So we follow the rail around, aim for the palace, then cut across into town. Come upon some elf dressed in ragged Valenar clothes. He brought us to his seer who showed us… things.

“Death walks the streets of Metrol. Death leads to death, all stemming from the theft of her pride. You must crown the crying son. The portal is dark. The portal is locked. Pierce the darkness, unlock the gate, and you shall fly free of the bonds of time.”

Now to figure out what it means…


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