In Accordance With Prophecy

There's A New Sheriff In Town

“I heard tell that there was a big scuffle at the Jail yesterday around noon. The bell was ringing, I heard shouts and Chezabet said she saw gouts of flame erupting around the Jail. No, Klint wasn’t involved, I’m telling you it was some group of killers from Sharn!


Experience Earned
Cogsworth – 1,290 XP (2,350 XP)
Crowbar – 1,440 XP (3,540 XP) LEVEL!
Dox – 1,440 XP (2,600 XP)
Raina – 1,290 XP (2,290 XP)
Vast’ar – 1,440 XP (2,540 XP)



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