In Accordance With Prophecy

the tomb of inconvenience

leave the puzzles to tombraider

Returning to the tomb once more, we found that some of the vegetation outside the entrance had been cut away tipping us off we weren’t alone. the group began a close inspection of the rest of the chamber with Nate’s artificer in tow. We discovered another alcove similar to the wind tunnel however this one produced water.

While exploring the not super fun puzzle we were joined by a blonde elf who had been hiding behind the main sarcophagus which she bumped by accident (showing us it actually spins around) and then ran away before we fucked her up. It turned out that it spun around like a clock and depending on which alcove it faced a different effect would happen from raising elevators to summoning elemental to attack us.

One of the mechanical elevators broke and collapsed, inviting a swarm of beatles out to attack us. We decided to follow the hole left int he floor down and found a chamber that had been over run by beetle swarms and soem other insects. We cleared what appeared to be a baraks area and a food pantry destroying a sleepy statue in the process.

Several Morgrave university adventuring/research party members were found dead in this area. Lizz knows they might also be political spies but didn’t share that info with the group.

Going down the hall we found a bathing area and were greeted by a water elemental that caught a nasty beat down, and then a Ghast which swamp ass mistook for a ghoul.

The Ghast had a merry time fucking the entire group up, but little did he know i was in the mood to beat the shit out of some undead so and promptly treated him to some surprise sex.

We called game off at the death of the ghast.

Also Swamp ass acted like a real shit and defiled the fuck out of everything when he thought we weren’t looking.



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