In Accordance With Prophecy

The Recruitment Notice

A notice posted in last week’s edition of the Sharn Inquisitive:

“Lock smith, city guard, entertainer, or scribe. Maybe your devices light the city, perhaps your voice praises your god, a stable hand. Wild men of the plains living out of place in the city, or maybe you are a child of the city more at home tinkering with your devices. Become more. Sharn’s most brilliant inquisitive, Victor Saint-Demain will help you discover the hero hidden in the person you are today – if you have the potential, the desire, and dedication to join his exceptional crew. We are not thieves, we are not mercenaries, and we do not spill blood in the name of chaos and villainy. Life will become dangerous, but we take problems of those in need and do what must be done. In the end we look ourselves in the mirror and see no regret, at night we sleep well. Coin is no stranger to our purse, accomplishment follows our name. Work for Victor Saint-Demain, become more.

Open call will be held on ((date)) at The Drunken Dragon in the Clifftop District of Upper Dura. Register with Crow, demonstration required, references a plus."


Experience Earned
Crowbar – 100 XP (1,200 XP)
Dox – 100 XP (100 XP)
Vast’ar – 100 XP (100 XP)



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