In Accordance With Prophecy

Extra! Extra Morgrave University has been robbed!

The Sharn Inquisitive was fortunate to be hot on the trail of this exciting news for you, intrepid readers. Source indicate that Master Inquisitive Victor Saint-Demain (a favorite of the Inquisitive) – known most recently for his brilliant deductions in bringing the Swan Street Slicer to justice – and his crack team of sleuths were called in to Morgrave University yesterday to find the dastardly villains who robbed that fine institution. Several students report a giant, venomous reptile running rampant through the Temple of Aureon, but university officials are keeping quiet on the affair.

“In all cases such as this,” Master Inquisitive Saint-Demain stated yesterday. “There is a window of opportunity in which we must act before it closes. My team and I are devoting all of our resources to finding these criminals. It’s not every day, my good man, that one encounters necromantically-inclined robbers and myths of ancient goblin tombs! My people have already apprehended one suspect, and are pulling the net closed around the rest of them. I anticipate the return of the stolen goods within the next three days.”

The good inquisitive demurred at giving details as to what was stolen from the University. “A pair of items are missing, but I have given my oath of confidentiality. Surely you wouldn’t expect a gentleman to break his word?”


Experience Earned
Crowbar – 1,100 XP (1,100 XP) LEVEL!



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