In Accordance With Prophecy

Over the River and Through the Woods...

Be very very quiet - were hunting Lizardfolk...

You ever get drug out to a place that you’ve never been before? That seems to happen to me all the time now.

A couple weeks ago, I was fighting people on a lightning rail thing – which was AWESOME, painful tiger thing kicked my ass pretty good, but I just have a tendency to live through those things.

So we leave Sharn, and walk north-ish to these swamp lands. Beautiful country. And then at this little rest top on the way to the Fort we are going to, we meet up with the sage from Diamond Lake. I really don’t say much as I am just interested in catching some food, and getting some sleep. They move so slow I can track around them and keep pace. Weird..

We again travel all day, and as it’s growing darker, and we are getting closer we see this huge column of smoke rising from the direction of the fort – trouble.

So the Sage uses his wand and makes some horses for other people, and we take off running in that direction. There we see many lizard folk attacking the fort, and killing the guards. So we run in to rescue them. First me and Raina kill their shaman as soon as he appears. Then this snake thing, an Crow and Vas (mostly Crow) rip apart the remaining lizard folk and we keep moving towards the keep. We get there, clear out the remaining invaders in time to barely save the remaining like… 11 soldiers. The sage tossed out a couple of spells. Useful too. Then went for reinforcements while we prepare to go try to rescue his friend and the other captured soldiers.

Here’s hoping it all works out…



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