In Accordance With Prophecy

Down on the farm

from the caryn the group decided to send out ernest to scout. He encountered a druid woodsman whom he hired to do some hunting to bring fresh food into the group.

the party decided to gather up the bone chips of the little bitch ass ghost and head up his family farm to bury him. Luke’s pc, the druid informed us that our destination was plauged by both owlbears and bandits. When we arrived at the grave site of his family we found signs of a scuffle and freshly dug empty graves with tracks going back to diamond lake.

During the grave scene the druid kept complaining the party looked sick, the party kept complaining they were hungry going so far as to eat raw meat, and Crow complained that eating and sleeping were slowing them down too much. Ernest rightly called Lizz half a wizard who in turn tried to zap his dumb ass with a magic missile while he had a con of 7. Ernest threw his knife at her like a nub, then i hit her with some massive subdual damage before hayden hit her in the head with his mace knocking her the fuck out. Liz then spent the next few scenes tied up.

getting up to the dilapidated farm house we heard the sounds of wounded animals inside. cutting liz free and informing her and the rest of the party that any mutiny will be met with a quick death we pushed in to find a slaugherhouse of dead human body parts and a big wounded owl bear which was the winner of a fat ass critical shot, and then got finished off by the next attack. behind it was a baby owl bear.

at that point the group split up. luke went off to go back to his old tribe to get someone to cure the ghoul diseas and myself and someone else went back to our camp to see what victor had sent to us. Luke got told to gtfo and don’t come back, and we found that victor left us some invis pots and a note saying we were to be in diamond lake so we could be extracted two days ago.

we all met back up, an elder from luke’s circle followed us and cured the ghoul sickness with the agreement we would kill a necromancer who we suspect had teh necro book we needed anyways. We then pooled up all of our gear and sent ernest with a new persona and luke back into diamond lake to sell so we could supply up finally. we called game with them coming back with the gear, and plans to go west of diamond lake to attack the necromancer.



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