In Accordance With Prophecy

Exit Stage Left

Maybe we won't cause a revolution afterall.

Having stashed the bodies of the bitch ass guards (BAGs) and been escorted out of the city by the changeling in Sheriff form, left Diamond Lake to speak with the wizard at the cottage. We further consulted with him regarding the book, which is named something that sounds like necronomicon.

It has a bunch of nasty rituals to raise the dead and was used by Karnath to fuel it’s undead war machine. Book is very valuable and dangerous. We did not tell the sage that we just party wiped the BAGs. Our plan was to go back to the goblin Carne and see if the emerlad claw had come back and if so kill them and remove the threat then return to the sage and address the matter of the town.

We went and checked the caves back out, that sound blast trap had its way with us and in the end we found that the claw had been back and cleaned house, grabbed their dead and split. When we came back out out of the cave a message from the sage was waiting for us that said his brother was very mad about what we did and the Garrison was hunting us. He told us if we were guilty to go wait up at a haunted mine.

We trekked up there, and once we arrived had a new note saying the sage was going to contact Victor to try and get us out of there. In the meantime we decided to check the local “haunted carne” which had driven all the miners away from the abandoned mine near by.

The haunted carne turned out to be the tomb of some large race i can’t remember and they were BFF with some air elementals. After some wolves had their way with Ernest we cleared the place out and got into the tomb. We found a hidden passage off an alcove which Ernest went to go check out. Some trap triggered on him and had its way with him and almost killed him for the second time that day.

We left off in the main puzzle room around the tomb.



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