In Accordance With Prophecy

An Elf, Anyone?

Let's try this again...

Me and this small crew have to go recover something Karnath and in the middle of everything, one of my teammates turns on us. She killed the first guy, and then tried to come for me. We were… close. Something I had to use to my advantage as she hesitated with me, and unfortunately for her I like living.

So I was stuck in Karnath. I signed up for service at Fort Bone, helped make a name for myself in running a couple sorties, and some other basic missions. Picked up some new tricks, and after I was done stuck around Karnath.

About a year or so later I go sit at the adventurures guild and meet up with this crew, and I know my way around traps, and how to get some dark contacts – so I set them up with all they need, get the contract for this dragon shard – and we go about our business

A standard party is much different from highly trained soldiers.

They were retarded – I cover for them, they rush into the cave, and set off trap after trap without me even getting a chance to look at them cause they got spooked by the huge lizard.

We get to this Manticore spirit that spooks their mage in deeper who sets off this lighting bolt trap and kills everything in the room except me cause I know how to get out of the way of that dumb shit.

I still have my hat on my head – I figured I’d just wait for the halflings to come in, blend, get what I need then with greater numbers, and leave in the quiet dead of night.

Then you guys showed up.



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